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More than just capital. You deserve a partner who not only provides funding but also empowers you with valuable advice, connections and resources to fuel your growth.

What domains do we invest in?

At BetterLabs, we focus on investing in domains that have the potential to shape the future of Western Australia:

Third Age

Helping us work towards improving the lives of our older generation.

Member Community

Continuing to grow and strengthen our diverse communities.

Life, Work & Money

Helping people navigate the rapid changes and complexities in how we live and work towards securing a meaningful future for ourselves and the next generation.

Mobility of the Future

We want to be a leader in the move towards accessible, sustainable and affordable mobility.

Next-Gen Insurance

Investing in disruptive insurance technologies and business models.

Clean Tech

Exploring opportunities in energy, water and waste to move towards a more sustainable Western Australia.

What makes an investable company?

Amazing Founders

The quality of the founding team is the most important determinant for us to invest – we are looking for founders that are hyper- passionate, about the problem they are solving resilient, coachable and trustworthy.

Big Opportunity

We want to not only change Western Australian but the world - we seek out ventures that can demonstrate a pathway to becoming a global force!

Runs on the Board

We’ve all heard the saying ideas are cheap – we want to see traction, ideally in the form of revenue, validating you are that you are solving a problem for your customers.

The Process



If you’re investor ready, lodge an application which should only take you 15 minutes – we will make sure we get back to you within a week if we are keen to proceed to a pitch (and if not, provide you feedback!)



Pitching is ideally in person for an hour where you will present to our team on the amazing business you are building (and yes, we might throw in a few curve ball queries). Again, we will notify you within a week if we want to move to due diligence (DD) or provide feedback if not.


Due Diligence

The first step of DD is executing an NDA and then we dive into your Data Room – we initially do a high-level scan (and come back to you with any queries) and then do a deep dive.


Investment Approval

Following DD, we will discuss, with you at a high- level, the proposed terms of our investment and then seek approval from our Investment Committee to issue a Term Sheet.


Term Sheet

Following approval from out Investment Committee, we will issue our Term Sheet (if leading the round) - we use a standard terms sheet with a few unique terms that we will explain to you before issuing it.


Closing Documents

Deals aren't done after a Terms Sheet is issued. We will then enter into a legal review of all required documents to close the round.



Once the closing documents have been reviewed and approved by all parties, they are executed, and  we will be ready to financially invest.



At this point you are part of the BetterLabs community - we will support you any way we can to help you build your business into a global force!

Let’s build something better together.

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